Outstanding Warrants

Tracking Number Name Offense Issued
CR381992 Adams, Steve S Recklessly endangering another person (2 counts) 04/06/1993
CR 204-2014 Alexander, Michael Lee Man./Delivery Failure to Appear for Arraignment 01/06/2015
CR-29-254-2013 Baker, Joshua Rupert Failure to Appear for Prob./Parole Violation/DUI Imp of Safe Driving 04/16/2013
CP-29-CR-0000227-2009 Barrick, Brandon Michael FTA - Probation Violation Hearing 10/30/2013
CR-116-2015 Beougher, James Cory FAILURE TO APPEAR/Call of List Trial 10/13/2015
CR1822005 Boehm, Adam FTA: Formal Arraignment on 2/28/2006 Theft by Dec. F3 02/28/2006
CR-138-2018 Ciocca, Justin James FTA Call of List 04/09/2019
CR-75-2002 Cokley, Marcus Corey Failure To Appear/ Contempt Hearing/Hearing 72 hrs. 09/04/2018
7-2019 Darby, Christopher Curtis F.T.A./DUI 01/31/2019
CR- 111-2016 Deano, Brandie Violation of Interstate commission Rules 04/10/2019
CR001061999 Flores, Nativad Chagoya Rape FTA for Sentencing/Same Charge in Franklin Co. 09/19/2000
NIC # W025069818 FORSHEY, William Earl Small Amt. Marijuana 10/12/2018
CR-41-2017 Golden, Corey Lee Failure To Appear/Probation Hearing 05/29/2018
228-2016C Gordon, Shawn a Civil Process from Clerk of Courts Office 12/04/2018
CR-227-3010/34-2012/100-2012 Goshorn, Lisa M. Failure To Appear/ Contempt Hearing/Hearing 72 hrs. 10/31/2017
76-2014DR Graham, Jason FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING Domestic Relations 09/04/2018
48-2008DR Graham, Kevin A. FTA Domestic Relations/ Hearing 04/16/2019
CR-123-2015 Green, Charles Clifton Failure To Appear/ Contempt Hearing/Hearing 72 hrs. 09/26/2017
CR-81-2017 Hahn, Krista Nicole Failure To Appear/ Formal Arraignment/Drug Paraph 06/20/2017
14-2019 Hall, Maurice Kenneth F.T.A. 04/09/2019
29-BA-10-2018 HARRISON, Taymija L 05/01/2018 00/00/0000
SA1022004 Hill, Jason Harry Failure to Pay Summary Charges: Exceed.Speed Limit/Disregard Traffic Contr 05/22/2007
174-2008C Hines, David Leonard Failure to Pay Court Costs/Process 03/10/2015
29-BA-5-2018 HOSKINS, Amber Breann indecent Exposure 02/01/2018
109-2000DR J. Jr., Downey John Domestic Relations Warrant 02/05/2019
CR1112005 Jenkins, Tommy Earl FTA Arraignment on 8/16/05 Possessing Instruments of a Crime 08/16/2005
18-2016DR JOHNSON Jr., Raymond C. F.T.A. 03/21/2017
CR00612010 Lake, Heather Suzanne FTA Formal Arraignment on 4/20/10 Poss. Contr. Substance 04/20/2010
CP-29-CR-0000081-2005 Lee, Daniel Robert FTA-Burglary 10/12/2010
CR000812005 Lee, Daniel Robert Arrest Warrant ( Original Charge. Burglary) 09/10/2010
Doc # CP-29-CR 4-2017 Luis, Natal-Sanchez Jorge DUI 04/02/2019
CP-29-CR-9-2011 Lynn, schetrompf Danny F.T.A. 08/29/2017
CP-29-CR-0000075-2006 Martisko, Timothy James Theft By Decption - False Impression 05/29/2007
CR-190-1997 McCabe, Gary E. Failure To Appear 01/30/2018
CR612007 McMillan, James William Ray Simple Assault (Waived for Court Lower) 03/18/2008
CR0032002 Meyers, Christine Marie FTA Court on 10/22/02 CRiminal Conspiracy 10/22/2002
CR-60-2019 Miller, Clair Ronald FTA Formal Arraignment/ Hearing 72 hrs. 04/16/2019
DR000692006 Myers, Michael L. Non Support FTA for Scheduled Conference and/or Hearing 08/27/2007
18-2018 Oswald, Charline Marie Forgery 07/18/2020
CP-29-CR-0000095-2008 Patterson, Patrick Wayne Theft by Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop Unauth use Motor Vehicle 08/24/2010
00060-2010DR Peterson, Joseph L. FTA Domestic Relations 11/20/2012
CR1812005 Pickard, Richard James FTA Formal Arraignment on 02/28/06. Theft by Deception F3 02/28/2006
CR-29-164-2013 Porte, Edwin Gaye Failure To Appear/ Contempt Hearing/Hearing 72 hrs. 10/31/2017
76-2016 POWELL, Scott A. Dui 10/14/2016
Cr 121 of 126 Powell Jr., Timothy Maurice Probation Violation 10/24/2018
CR-170-2011/16-17/2014 Ramsey, Joshua D. FTA Contempt Hearing 11/06/2018
CR-160-2016 Rich, Ramon Dante Failure To Appear/ Probation Violation 01/09/2018
32-2016DR SCHAEFFER, Kevin E. Domestic 07/18/2018
CR-26-2016 Sebring, Alfred Clifford FTA/ Probation Violation 04/16/2019
CR-26-2016 Sebring, Alfred Clifford Failure to Appear/ ARD Court 05/23/2017
79-2015DR SHIVES, Charles M F.T.A. 03/07/2017
88-2008-DR Swope, Chris L. FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING Domestic Relations 09/04/2018
17-1999DR Swope, Chris L. FAILURE TO APPEAR/ HEARING Domestic Relations 09/04/2018
CP-29-CR-0000125-2017 Thomas, Dustin William Failed to Appear Revo. Hearing/Small amount contr. sub. marij./probation 08/08/2018
20-2018 Thomas, Dustin William F.T.A. 08/08/2018
262-2011-CR Tyer, David Andrew Writ for Process Fees / $513.11 06/04/2013
94-2016C Tyson, Andrew S. Process Order from Clerk of Courts. 12/04/2018
75-2014DR UNGER, Joshua M. Domestic Relations Warrant 02/06/2018
CR001322003 Wertman, Timothy Mark FTA Court on 1/20/04 Poss. Small Amount & Paraphernalia 01/20/2004
SA-12-2011 Wilson, Tyrell P. Failure to Pay Summary Appeals/Driving While Susp or Revoked 08/19/2014
CR421991 Yocum, Keith FTA Court Bad Checks 05/22/1991
CR00022006 Young, William Edward FTA Court Manuf/Del/Poss/W Int. 10/31/2006